Casey Donovan's Hidden Talent And 12 Other Things You Didn't Know About Her

Including her secret desire to be the next Bachelorette.

Casey Donovan is currently starring on Street Smart, playing Probationary Enforcement officer Tia.

Although it's not her first time on the small screen (obvs -- she's been blessing us with her effervescent charm since she was 16 and won the second season of Australian Idol), it is the first time we've seen her take on a scripted role.

Guys, did you know Casey Donovan could act? We certainly didn't, so we sat down with her and drilled her for a whole bunch of other stuff we didn't know.

Does she prefer coffee or tea? What's the weirdest thing she owns? What's the dumbest way she's injured herself? We asked all the important questions, and got some great -- and surprising -- answers.

Check out the video above, and catch Street Smart on TEN and tenplay.

Feature image: Getty Images