The Bachelor 2018: Meet The Bachelorettes

Everything you need to know about the Bachelorettes chasing the Honey Badger's heart.

It's almost here, the latest season of The Bachelor, and this year looks to be bigger and better than ever with Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins stepping into the shoes of our Bachie.

Premiering on August 15 at 7:30pm, this season is promising to pack a few surprises.

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While we're expecting some incredible one-liners and a Bachie like we've never seen before, we've also finally gotten the first look at all the Bachelorettes vying for his heart.

Meet the 25 Bachelorettes after Nick's heart:

Aleksandra, 31, VIC

Aleksandra is a health clinic co-ordinator who loves nature and HATES SHOES! She hates shoes so much that when she described her perfect  wedding it was, "No shoes, dancing till late with only close people". Hear that, shoes? Close PEOPLE.

She's looking for an adventurous, thoughtful, loving and tall partner.

Alisha, 25, ACT

A political adviser from Canberra, Alisha has no time for guys who disrespect their mums. "I've encountered it with a couple of guys and I think it is such a telling factor about how they will treat you down the track," she said.

Not one to skimp on the specifics, Alisha's dream date includes a tinny on the Hawksbury and a six-pack of VB and in ten years time she sees herself with a French bulldog and an Italian greyhound... and hopefully the Bachie.

Ashlea, 30, QLD

Ashlea is just looking to meet a guy not through social media or at a bar, so she's pushing herself out of her comfort zone and heading into the Bach pad.

A property consultant from Queensland, the 30-year-old is just looking for a partner to fall in love with her and her son.

Autumn, 29, VIC

Much like the season, Autumn is hoping the Bachie will Fall for her charms. Get it? Fall?

Autumn doesn't believe in love at first sight but she DOES believe in lust at first sight, which is a feeling we've only experienced at a breakfast buffet.

Blair, 27, QLD

When asked to describe her worst date Blair said that she "was meant to go to dinner and then his parents turned up". If that wasn't bad enough, his roommate reversed into her car.

The 27-year-old was also asked to describe a trait that might make our Bachie run the other way and she revealed: "I have a really high belly button. It is a bit creepy."

Brittany, 30, NSW

Brittany is looking for someone to join her in her globe-hopping adventures. When asked where she sees herself in 10 years she said she'd love to have seen 100 countries -- adding she's already halfway there.

Brooke, 23, WA

Brooke's a 23-year-old from Western Australia who describes herself as a proud Indigenous woman who loves sport.

Her dream date would be either being in bush or looking at the stars, or heading to a game. Her worst date included a dude that was shorter than her apparently spitting chip on her face. So, yeah, not ideal.

Cass, 23, NSW

Cass describes herself as both outgoing and awkward, which might explain her most embarrassing moment being not able to answer an on-the-spot question as a Miss World finalist.

She believes she's single because she's still waiting for the right person to come along... also she's fussy.

Cat, 24, Bali

Cat is a 24-year-old fashion designer who is based in Bali , but she's come back to Australia and is diving into the Bachie pad "for the experience, to challenge [herself] and for love".

Cat describes her major deal breakers include poor personal hygiene, no drive or ambition and boring personalities. Gotta be motivated to scrub behind those ears!

Cayla T, 27, QLD

Cayla is an energy healer from Queensland which is apparently a real thing we just found out about. Cayla is super spiritual and loves being surrounded by nature.

The 27-year-old decided to give The Bachelor a try after becoming disillusioned with the lack of good ol' fashioned men.

Christina, 23, QLD

Christina is the very definition of a pocket rocket, full of energy and overwhelmingly bubbly, the retail manager from Queensland considers herself to be "very fun" and is looking for a confident, tall man with dark hair and blue eyes.

Also if he can't cook and clean she doesn't wanna know him.

Dasha, 32, SA

Although she's been in Adelaide for the last five years, Dasha is originally from Russia, and she's not Russian into a relationship unless she knows for sure she's found her "Mr Handsome".

When asked to describe herself in five words Dasha said she was, "Feminine with a capital F, curious, free spirit, versatile and affectionate" which is... a lot more than five words.

Emily, 24, ACT

Dance teacher Emily was a professional ballerina and is now a professional bacherina. Sorry, that was bad.

She's not looking for anything extreme, just a genuinely kind partner who'll take her on a picnic... as long as there's wine.

Juliana, 29, NSW

Juliana's a professional lifeguard who is obviously super passionate about the ocean and everything in it. She's basically a mermaid.

When asked what a deal breaker would be for her, the 29-year-old said, "If they cannot swim".

"I have taught babies, kids and adults how to swim in the past, the thought of teaching my partner swimming and water safety would feel like I was bringing work home and it would probably exhaust me and really test the relationship/patience of us both."

Kayla G, 25, SA

Kayla is tall. Seriously, that's something she really wants you to know. When asked to describe herself in five words, one of them was "tall". When asked what her deal breaker is she said, "If he was only 5 feet tall". Her perfect man? "At least 6 feet tall".

Kayla's worst date had nothing to do with height, but rather her awkwardness as she went surfing with a guy and, in attempting to look like a pro, almost drowned.

Renee, 30, VIC

Renee's questionnaire answers are downright iconic, so much so that we're just going to leave them here for you:

Why do you think you're still single? Maybe I will find out when watching the show back?

How would you handle confrontation in the mansion? Depends on how many champagnes I have had.

What would be a deal breaker for you? A guy who's a vegan. I respect the choice but sometimes you have just got to eat something that had parents.

Rhiannon, 28, QLD

It's taken Rhiannon a while to open back up to the idea of dating again, which is why the 28-year-old thinks she's still single.

"I know what qualities and attributes I am looking for in a partner," she said, "I've been extremely picky and don't want to waste anyone's time or my own unless I am sure they are a good fit for me."

Romy, 29, QLD

Romy describes the worst date she's ever been on as the time she crashed her car into her date's in the parking lot.

Shannon, 25, VIC

Shannon is a car care consultant, which is difficult to say quickly five times in a row.

A big lover of painting and writing poetry, Shannon believes she's still single because she doesn't like to waste time with men unless she feels that *spark*. Don't we all.

Sophie, 25, QLD

Sophie is a fraternal twin (aka not identical) and is super driven to become the best in her field. The 25-year-old property valuer describes herself as outgoing, motivated, caring, loyal and fun.

Whatever the date may be, Sophie has three things that must be included: cheese, chocolate and red wine. Her priorities are flawless.

Steph, 23, VIC

Steph is another case where... we honestly can't do some of her answers justice so please enjoy the following:

Why did you apply for the show? Because competing with girls who all have modelling experience for one guy is easier than modern dating.

Have you ever been engaged or married before? I have been proposed to a few times, but every time they get down on one knee they see my double chins.

What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you? High school.

Susie, 30, WA

Susie applied for the show because she wanted to find true love and because her perfect date is the kind of picnic you only see in the movies. Or... on TV maybe.

Tenille, 25, QLD

When asked to describe her personality, 25-year-old flight attendant Tenille said, "I'm so laid back I need to lean forward".

She also said her deal breakers include lying, cheating, being rude, having a big ego and being unable to resolve conflict or apologise. Her idea of a dream date just requires a man to give her his undivided attention. And also 15 wines.

Urszula, 34, VIC

Polish born Urszula described herself as a "hunter" on the dating scene but was also adamant that she doesn't really see being single as an issue.

"I like being single as much as I like being in a relationship. Being happy within yourself is important and if the right person joins your journey, then so be it."

Vanessa Sunshine, 27, VIC

She's Vanessa f**king Sunshine. What more do you need to know?

The Bachelor Australia premieres Wednesday, 15 August At 7.30pm on TEN and tenplay.