We Asked The Commando To Review Wikihow's Survivor Strategies

There's a Wikihow page for everything, but just how accurate is "Wikihow To Survive in Survivor"? We asked The Commando for an official review.

It's Survivor season, and this year, it's all about Champions Versus Contenders.

If you're like us, you've probably taken some time to consider whether you'd be able to survive on Survivor. Maybe you've even Googled it!

Well, we Googled it and because there's a Wikihow page for pretty much anything -- from faking your own death to learning to knit -- we found the Wikihow To Survive In Survivor page.

'But how accurate can this possibly be?' we wondered. Next thing you know, Steve "The Commando" Willis was in the office, so we thought we'd get him to review the page and tell us whether he reckons following these steps would help us become the Sole Survivor.

Turns out, it's a pretty good guide!

From preparing for the experience ("my whole life has been a preparation for Survivor") to not getting "dragged into drama" with villains, Steve reckons the page is full of some pretty top notch advice.

Check out the video above, and tune into Survivor: Champions Vs Contenders 7:30 on Ten and WIN networks. Missed an episode? Catch up on Tenplay!