Jenna's Injury Proved Too Much For Her Survivor Journey To Continue

Despite holding on for as long as possible, Jenna's ankle forced her tribe's hand in writing her name down at Wednesday's Tribal Council.

It was one of the most emotional tribal councils with her persistent injury escalating to the point where Jenna was forced into a cast and crutches.

Despite being told she wouldn't be able to participate in any physical challenges her fighting spirit never gave up, returning to camp after getting scans. It wasn't until she returned back to WA that she was able to get a proper diagnosis.

"I had partially torn a tendon in my ankle" Jenna told ten daily, "I had to wear a moon boot for another seven weeks, but it's good now. I'm back in the swing of things."

It was a difficult week for Jenna to re-watch the series, but unlike other contestants' experiences, where they feel blindsided or maybe not shown in the best light, this was all out of her control.

"Tuesday night was hard to watch knowing that's when I sustained the injury, and knowing what the outcome would be. But to watch it unfold last night brought back a lot of emotions."

Seeing her fellow survivors breaking down in tears in the lead-up to and as they were writing her name down was difficult, but overall the 28-year-old still kept her head held high.

"I left the game with no regrets, I had an absolute ball and an amazing experience that changed my life for the better."

The Contenders are a troubled tribe at the moment, with rifts forming and strong alliances forming between the Bromance, the women of the tribe and a third, smaller faction. Out of the whole tribe it was Jenna who held the strongest position with strong alliances with the girls' alliance as well as Heath and Tegan's "parents alliance".

"There's a level of disappointment there," Jenna told us when asked if she felt like she had the firmest standing in the tribe, "I try not to sit there and go through it, it's frustrating."

Despite the tribe's current losing streak in challenges, she can see some of her tribe going all the way.

"The girls need to step up," Jenna said echoing her comments in Wednesday's tribal council, "They're an awesome bunch of people, they need to use their strength to their ability and stop underestimating themselves."

As for who she wants to take out the top title of Sole Survivor, "Anita or Tegan, definitely."

Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders airs 7.30 Thursday on TEN, WIN Network and Tenplay.