The Bachelor 2018: Brooke Opens Up About Her Bachie First Impressions And Working In Mental Health

Nope, she wasn't pretending to not recognise the Honey Badger.

When ten daily spoke to Brooke, one of the new bachelorettes in the upcoming season of The Bachelor, she wanted us to know one thing: "I'm the most normal girl you'll ever meet."

"I'm not anything special," she added, though we quickly realised that wasn't quite the case.

In the lead-up to the show's launch, Brooke said she felt like a ghost, not being able to do or say anything relating to her time on the show, but she was definitely serious about her choice to give the show a shot.

Brooke Blurton The Bachelor Nick Cummins

"I thought this could definitely be a crazy adventure," she told ten daily, "I'm definitely set on finding someone so I thought why not? It could be hit or miss."

With her family's support, Brooke signed on to the show, becoming the franchise's first Indigenous bachelorette.

"I took a guess that there wouldn't be that many Aboriginal women that would apply for something like The Bachelor," Brooke told ten daily, "I'm happy to see, regardless of the stigma around the show, women of different diversities putting themselves out there".

"I’m confident in my culture, I absolutely love being able to express that."

Born in Carnarvon, Brooke's life was hugely shaped when her mother died by suicide when she was just 11-years-old.

A month after her mother's death, she faced more hardship when her grandmother passed away from cancer. With the support and encouragement of her tight-knit family, Brooke made it a goal to be a strong role model, which has led her to working in the mental health space.

As well as working in mental health awareness and education, Brooke is also hugely passionate about sport, where she's coached and mentored girls. She found sport to be a great outlet for her own life, allowing her the space to  make connections, which explains the balls she brought with her into the Bach pad.

Brooke Blurton The Bachelor Nick Cummins

Her love of sport would have also been the perfect launch point for her to meet Nick Cummins, professional sport player. Unfortunately, Brooke tells us, she had no clue who he was when she stepped out of the limo.

"I play AFL and have played AFL since I was pretty much born, that's always been my preferred sport. It just so happened that in the last year or so, I got involved with rugby league and union... this is my second year playing.

"I had no idea, I don't even know how to play the sport properly, I don't know the rules, I don't know the players. When he said he played union, I was a little bit shocked, I was like... he's going to think I'm absolutely useless."

Her work and history with sports meant moving into the house with 25 other women wasn't too much of a problem, "I'm surrounded by girls all day every day, so I understand different dynamics and personalities".

While she may be trying to find love during her time on The Bachelor, looking at her life after the show Brooke simply said, "I'm excited to do some more good."

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The Bachelor Australia premieres Wednesday, 15 August At 7.30pm on TEN and tenplay.