Ruby Rose Cast As Batwoman, Will Play First Gay Lead Character Of A Superhero Series

Orange is the new Bat.

It looks like our very own Ruby Rose will be signing on to The CW's DC adaptation of Batwoman.

The role is set to debut in the annual crossover of CW's other DC series The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and Arrow and will then spawn its own solo series to run on the network.

The version of Batwoman the CW is looking to develop is the Kate Kane iteration, an out lesbian and vigilante who battles the criminals of Gotham city while battling some demons of her own.

While Rose has been trying to make it on the big screen -- currently starring in the upcoming monster shark movie The Meg alongside Jason Statham -- the role could draw the DJ and actor to the small screen with the promise of making history.

If Batwoman makes it to series, Rose will be playing the first openly gay lead character in a live-action superhero series. It will be part of the universe that Greg Berlanti has built over the CW, where LGBTQ+ representation has been littered throughout the series he has produced.

Rose first came out to her mum when she was 12, and since identifies as genderfluid -- not necessarily subscribing to the gender binary of male or female but fluctuating between the two, or existing somewhere between or outside that binary.  She has been a vocal about her queer identity, which makes the casting even more profound.

In May, Stephen Amell made the announcement that Batwoman would appear in the CW crossover, scheduled to air in December with the solo series following soon after.

If you need more Ruby Rose in your life, you can see her battling an enormous prehistoric monster shark in The Meg, in cinemas August 16.

Featured image: Getty.