Australian Survivor's Sneaky Steve Says He Was Just Winging It

"I watched Survivor in the background as I ate dinner..."

Steve K Made a major impression within the first day on Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders. His overt desire to get his hands on an immunity idol saw him as an early target and in the first tribal council, he narrowly avoided being the first eliminated due to Matt's meltdown.

Now, the fourth one to be voted out and the second of the contenders to see his torch get snuffed, Steve told ten daily he wouldn't change a single thing about how he played the game.

When asked if he had any regrets with how he played Steve said, "Not really... I played how I would anyway, not understanding the game".

Despite looking like one of the more overtly strategic survivors Steve said the truth was quite the opposite.

"I wasn't a superfan to begin with. I watched Survivor in the background as I ate dinner but I wasn't analysing it intensely. I didn't know what [the Contenders] were talking about when they referenced different seasons or Australian and US... I was just winging it."

Though only on the island for nine days Steve said he lost six kilos in a short amount of time, adding in a very Steve way, "...But I cheated".

"I thought about survival requiring fat so I put on a bit of weight before [the show began]. I wasn't hungry at all, it's the big boys who suffer the most."

Sidling up to those big boys -- Robbie, Zach and Benji -- was Steve's plan B after Matt clued the others in on his idol-hunting ways.

"The poison had set in," he said noting that his plan was to float between "alpha males and alpha females". It seemed to be working for him, up until the women on the tribe decided it was time to take a little power out of the "Bromance Alliance" which Matt coined in the first tribal council.

Everything Matt said in the first tribal council was true, everyone was in denial at the time, but the Bromance in some ways caused a rift internally because people believed they were too strong."

Despite seeing the power of some of his fellow Contenders, Steve had no doubts it will ultimately be one of the Champions who'll go all the way.

"There's distrust and mistrust [in the Contenders] now... I sense we're going to implode. The Champs are a lot more relaxed and they have better teamwork it seems."

For better or for worse we'll definitely miss Stevie.

Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders Airs 7.30 Wednesday-Thursday on TEN, WIN Network and Tenplay.