Russell Coight Teaches Peter Helliar 'Bush Beat Poetry'

"It's a hands on experience!" Russ said of his crocodile petting zoo, before adding: "well, we've had a couple of hands off".

With the return of All Aussie Adventures just around the corner, our mate Russell Coight sat down with Peter Helliar on The Project last night to chat through Russ' return to TV, as well as his hobbies -- bush beat poetry -- and what he's been up to for the last decade or so.

"I've been pretty busy with the wildlife park, Coight's Kingdom, it's uh, doing well. The RSPCA has lifted its ban... in a couple of weeks we'll be back on deck and we're very excited because we're going to have Australia's first crocodile petting zoo," Russ revealed.

"It's a hands on experience!" he continued, adding: "Well, we've had a couple of hands off," noting that around four European tourists have, unfortunately, lost hands at his park.

Ever the optimist, Russell stressed that "they have a story to tell!" from the experience.

Russell also shared a message to his critics, gave us the scoop on another pilot he's working on, titled Outback Ninja, and gave us a taste of his latest hobby, 'Bush Beat Poetry'.

"There was movement / at the station / for the word / passed around," is how it began, and honestly, typing the rest of it out simply won't do it justice, so it's best to just watch the video for yourself.

All Aussie Adventures Premieres Sunday, 5 August At 7.30pm on TEN and tenplay.