Reese Witherspoon Belting Meryl Streep With An Ice Cream Cone Is All You Need Today


Sometimes your day is dragging a little and you need something like a cute puppy video to cheer you up. Today, that cheer comes in the form of these photos of Reese Witherspoon chucking an ice cream at Meryl Streep.

Taken from the filming of season two of Big Little Lies, the iconic shots QUICKLY went viral, taking over Twitter feeds across the globe.

There was also a bit of confusion considering the pap shots DO sort of look a little candid, some people were wondering if Reese had just had a bit of a rough day and was wildly throwing dairy products at unaware pedestrians.

In case you missed it Meryl Streep is joining the HBO ensemble drama, playing Alexander Skarsgård’s character Perry’s mother, Mary Louise Wright. Initially Mary Louise arrives concerned for her grandchildren after the death of her son, but it looks like she ruffles Madeline's feathers a bit, resulting in a... frosty reception.

HBO released a first-look image of Streep alongside Nicole Kidman, who plays Perry's widow, where things looked a lot more hunky dory... so we gotta wonder what inspired Madeline to launch her double scoops at the Oscar winner.

Oh and, in case you were wondering, Madeline never misses.

Featured image: Twitter @alexandergold.