Australian Survivor's Biggest Player Just Got Played


Well, well, well.

The self-dubbed "greatest player the world has ever seen" walked out of Tribal Council WEARING AN IMMUNITY IDOL.

In an episode packed with twists and turns the master player, Russell Hantz, was a victim to his own antics when the Champions voted him out in a nail-biting tie break.

The first person to ever find an idol without clues in Survivor history, Russell replicated that luck by wandering around camp and scoring himself an idol on the first day in Champions Versus Contenders.

But fans weren't buying the big game Russell was talking in the first ep, dubbing him the "Shannon Noll of Survivor".

In Thursday's episode, Russell made the decision to gather his fellow camp-mates together to reveal his idol, turning the otherwise idyllic Champions camp on its head.

And his plan to inspire chaos worked like a charm, sending the camp into a frenzy as they attempted to figure out their next move.

While his manipulating ways seemed to be working with most of the camp Moana Hope wasn't having a bar of it.

Making one very bold move by not playing his idol after telling his campmates he would, Russell wasn't expecting the camp to vote for him anyway, driving the Champions into a tie break where Russell received a bulk of the vote.

Explaining his motive, Russell said "By being bold and making bold moves I've made it to the end twice... They were so scared of me... they knew they had to make a move first".

The world's greatest player... got majorly played.

One thing's for sure... his sense of fashion will be missed.

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