Australian Survivor's Matt Talks His Tribal Council Meltdown

The first to be eliminated wanted the last word.

Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders kicked off on Wednesday night with an absolute banger of a tribal council.

While Steve's absolutely terrible stealth skills saw him in the firing line early on, it was traffic police officer Matt who was the first to have his torch extinguished.

"Obviously on TV it showed it was always going to be Stevie... but that wasn't entirely the case," the 35-year-old told ten daily following his elimination, "Everyone knows there's always an alternate vote".

Many watching the first episode though Matt may have destroyed his own chance at skating through the first tribal council by first targeting what he saw as the "Bromance Alliance", then isolating himself from the women in the tribe by insisting they weren't playing a strategic game.

Australian Survivor First Tribal Council Matt Eliminated
Tegan, Steve, Jenna and Paige witnessing Matt's Meltdown in the Contenders' first Tribal Council.

"I stick by what I said," Matt told us, "Definitely stick by it".

"I don't know if [the women are] doing their own thing but their strategy was to fly under the radar in that first section... That's all good, you can only do that for so long until your name comes up."

Matt also described feeling like an outsider after the Bromance between Robbie, Heath and Zach formed almost instantly.

"No one could have predicted how close they got in the first day. They were inseparable. Those four -- the three big guys and Tegan -- they're a power alliance."

Despite believing the Bromance Alliance will definitely be a risk to the others on the contenders, he also thinks they have a chance to take on the Champions.

"I think the Contenders are stronger than the Champions," Matt told us, "Everyone was physical. Even Anita, she was great. And Steve's 58? We had no idea."

"He told us he was 43. I was onto Stevie before anyone else, they were all oblivious [to his idol hunt] but I was onto it. Even still I didn't second-guess him when he said he was 43."

Despite being up against each other at the tribal council, Matt fully supports Sneaky Steve and his stealthy strategies.

"I'd love to see Steve be that person... Looking for those idols and blindsiding people."

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