Australian Survivor Kicks Off With A Fiery First Tribal Council

...We didn't see this coming. Spoilers ahead.

Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders premiered on Wednesday and it was an absolute corker, packing surprises throughout and ending on one tense tribal council.

We finally got a better look at our two tribes, the Champions and the Contenders, who'll be facing off in Savusavu as they came together for a quick reward challenge. They had the ability to win pillows, rice, fruit, rope and the holy grail of rewards: flint.

Early on in the challenge Matt -- using his background as a traffic police officer -- keenly observed fellow Contender Steve definitely digging for an immunity idol inside a pillow, in a pile of pineapples, hell -- if Steve could search it, he was onto it.

With tensions already starting to peak, Matty kept his eye on Steve as they returned to camp, and Steve again searched bags of rice, dug holes, pretty much took any chance to get that advantage.

MEANWHILE, over at the Champions side of things, one of the most anticipated additions to the tribe this year -- super player Russell -- didn't let down his reputation as one of the series' greatest villains of all time.

And while Stevie struggled to search for an idol... it appeared Russell had no issue whatsoever.

Australian Survivor Champions Versus Contenders Russell immunity idol
The champions don't know what they're dealing with...

After an epic first immunity challenge, the Champions proved their title by smashing through the course, forcing the Contenders into the first tribal council -- and much like their torches... it was lit.

Despite all signs pointing to Steve as the first to be voted out, Matty felt the pressure and backed into a corner, so he started swinging.

Accusing some of the other boys as having control over the camp (and the women of the camp of not having any strategy in place) Matty ended up turning the vote from Steve to himSELF.

Truly a brilliant start to what promises to be an epic season.

Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders returns to TEN and WIN Network 7.30, Thursday August 2.