Lindsay Lohan's MTV Reality Show Gets Its First Promo

Plus Dina Lohan throws major Kardashian shade.

Lindsay Lohan has officially joined the MTV family. How do we know? Because she told us in the new, baffling "promo" for her upcoming reality show.

"I've joined the MTV family... and I'm Lindsay Lohan," the 32-year-old says in the promo between shots of her taking her sunglasses off, wearing her sunglasses, lowering her sunglasses and occasionally wandering around a beach in Mykonos.

Despite what the promo would lead you to believe (that the series is entirely focused on Lohan struggling to figure out if she wants to wear her sunglasses entirely on her face, halfway down her face, or if she wants to blow kisses to a row of umbrellas sunglasses-free), the series will follow Lohan as she attempts to run the Lohan Beach Club.

Described as "a cooler, hipper, edgier Vanderpump Rules" initially it was unclear if Lohan would actually feature or if the series would solely focus on the staff working at her beach club.

Speaking to Us Weekly, LiLo's mum Dina revealed a few hot deets including the fact that Lohan's brother Cody (???) and sister Ali will also feature.

So it'll be like Keeping Up With The Kardashilohans.

Homebrand Kardashians. Image: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for Daily Mail

Also in case you -- like us -- were desperate for a follow-up to Ali Lohan's 2008 hit "All The Way Around" have no fear as Dina promises, "Ali’s going to sing the theme song for the MTV show". Lol, sure!

Now, we aren't the only ones to make the Kardashian comparison according to Dina who said she gets compared to Kris Jenner a TON which, like... again, lol.

This is so shady but after saying how much she loves Kris and Kim Dina added, "We just work … we’re just actors, and they’re social media".

Anyway, this show sounds like it's going to be a train wreck and choo choo bitches, we're 1000 percent on board.

Featured image: MTV.