MasterChef's Khanh Ong: "Everything Happens For A Reason"

"Getting to the top three, it was still a dream."

Well, we officially have our final two for MasterChef Australia's 10th season! With Khanh Ong's elimination on Monday, Ben and Sashi will go on to face off in the grand finale, where only one will be crowned this year's winner.

Faced with the challenge of creating a main and a dessert for 20 guests, Khanh wasn't able to bring the judges the quality of dishes they were looking for and he was unfortunately the one to say goodbye, but the 25-year-old DJ held his head up high.

"I'm all about the universe," Khanh told ten daily, "things happen for a reason".

"Getting into the top 24 I was like 'I can't believe this happened', and then I was in the top 12, the top five, I was like 'What's going on?' I never thought I was at the calibre that I had seen on the show."

"Getting to the top three, it was still a dream."

Khanh originally studied fashion design while DJing on the side, until it became his full-time job, playing across the country and even taking him to events internationally, but throughout food remained a passion.

"I grew up cooking with mum, and found myself gravitating towards food," he told us.

After gigs, Khanh said he would find himself at the market, or exploring the food scenes of cities he was visiting, throwing dinner parties several times a week for friends and family.

"I realised it made me really happy, and I just thought why am I not pursuing it?"

While he definitely became a fan-favourite during his time on the series, Khanh said he was petrified through every challenge. The pressures and time constraints were constantly weighing on him ("My friends love to yell 'ten seconds left!' at me now," he laughed), he found his feet a few weeks into the competition.

"My first couple of weeks I wasn't shining... towards the end you have to get the judges attention," Khanh explained. "You overthink everything, you wonder if a dish is too salty or not salty enough, and then the judges don't say anything about it. You nitpick..."

Since leaving the competition, the judges mentoring has honed Khanh's dream of owning his own venue.

"They were like, [I] don't need to totally ignore that I'm into entertainment, that should be a part of my venue," he said.

Currently he's working on his own venue as well as hinting that he'll "Hopefully be back on screens soon".

MasterChef Australia finale airs 7.30 Tuesday July 31 on TEN and TENPLAY.