Golden Girls Action Figures Are Here To Save The Day

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Despite ending in 1992, The Golden Girls is still one of the most iconic sitcoms to ever hit the small screen.

Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia may have left the airwaves but their impact, and reruns, continue to inspire generations to this day.

Now the four legends have been given the action figure treatment, with an unveiling at Comic Con last week. Yep, Golden Girls action figures are a thing and they are GORGEOUS.

The four 8-inch dolls were revealed at San Diego Comic Con by NECA Inc., with the awesome foursome retailing at over $150AUD as a set, or you COULD buy them one by one if you're a monster who splits up the very best of friends.

Set to be released next year (so you have time to save your pennies), NECA also showed off a few other designs for action figures including an Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, a Terminator 2 set and even a Pan's Labyrinth-inspired set.

One of the designers behind the Golden Girls set shared a closer -- albeit creepy -- look at the gorgeously accurate recreation of the gals' faces, like miniature trophies of Medusa if she ever vacationed in Miami.

Check out more of NECA's designs on their website.

Featured image: NECA via