First Look At Emma Stone And Jonah Hill In Netflix's Trippy Maniac Teaser

"There’s no reason to believe that anything about us can’t be changed."

Netflix have released the first look at their upcoming limited series Maniac and it's equally transfixing as it is unsettling.

The teaser features Emma Stone and Jonah Hill sitting wordlessly at a table staring at each other as a calm voice  tells us, "the mind... can be solved".

The short clip doesn't really give much away, but the series comes from Cary Fukunaga -- the director of the first season of True Detective -- and it also stars Justin Theroux and Sally Field.

Based on a Norwegian series of the same name, the 10-episode limited series follows Annie (Stone) and Owen (Hill), two strangers who find themselves drawn to a pharmaceutical trial that promises to solve all their problems.

From heartbreak to mental illness, the sequence of pills created by Dr. Mantleray (Theroux) invites Annie and Owen, plus 10 other strangers, to take part in the three-day trial promising "no complications or side effects whatsoever".

As you can imagine, things definitely don't go to plan.

The series arrives on the streaming platform September 21.

Featured image: Netflix.