Champions And Contenders: Meet Some More Of Our Survivors

Have you picked a side yet?

She may be a Winter Olympic champion, but the addition of Lydia Lassila to Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders is sure to heat up the competition.

A five-time Winter Olympic aerial skier and dual Olympic medal winner, this 'champion'  is also a mother of two and a successful entrepreneur. She probably knows a thing or two about overcoming some pretty hectic challenges when you've already got a lot on your plate!

Whether she'll be able to apply her skills to surviving 50 days in one of the hardest games around, however, remains to be seen. Will she be able to outwit, outplay and outlast the other 23 contestants on her quest to become the Sole Survivor?

“I think Survivor is a once in a lifetime experience and definitely a challenge," Lydia said. "Just because I’m classified as a 'champion', doesn’t mean it’s going to be an easy ride for me.”

Only time will tell if she'll make it to the end, but it's safe to say the competition will be pretty stiff.

Her fellow champions include The Commando himself, as well as rugby player Mat Rogers, former special forces commando Damien, swimming world record holder Shane, astrophysicist Sam, AWFL player Moana and World Series Poker Player, Jackie Glazier.

After a career of observing people's body language, Jackie is set to serve up her best p-p-p-poker face and use her skills to take home the win, regardless of the hand she's dealt.

Going up against these champions, however, are new contenders Benji and Fenella.

Benji's an entrepreneur, but while this self-made millionaire (Kylie WHOMST?!) knows how to make a buck, will he be able to channel that hustle into his survival skills? Benji tells us he's happy to be the game's villain, so we reckon he's one to watch.

Meanwhile, Fenella is an interior designer who's ready to prove that more is more when it comes to personality. She's ready to take on the champions and she'll do whatever it takes to stick around like a live, laugh, love decal on a uni dorm wall.

Benji and Fenella join our other contenders, who include management consultant Tegan, construction manager Robbie, FIFO supervisor Jenna, takeaway delivery man Steve K and sales rep Anita.

Australia, it's time to choose your side. You can read more about our other contestants here and here.

Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders premieres at 7:30pm on Wednesday, August 1, only on TEN and WIN Network.

 Feature image: Ten