Two More Bachelorettes, Dasha And Vanessa Vie For The Honey Badger's Heart

When asked to describe herself in five words, Dasha used ten.

After our first look at the bachelorettes heading into Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins' season of The Bachelor, we've gotten a peek at the next two joining the fray.

While the first sneak peek dropped the bombshell that one of the bachelorettes already knows Nick -- a Bachie first!! -- our next two announced arrivals are planning to make a lasting impression.

Armed with a heavy Russian accent, Adelaide-based Dasha is a 32-year-old mum of one and a personal trainer who takes a gamble and pulls a move that leaves the Honey Badger speechless.

Dasha described her perfect partner as "a man, not a boy" which is... comforting to say the least.  She also said she couldn't live without the gym or smoothie bowls.

When asked to describe herself in five words, the PT said, "Feminine with a capital F, curious, free spirit, versatile and affectionate" which is like... ten words.

Meanwhile, Victorian-based Vanessa -- a legal secretary -- is "determined not to be forgotten".

Vanessa is described as looking for a sincere man with "a great sense of humour who she can build a future with".

Armed with her motto, "revenge is sweet", when she was asked to describe herself in five words Vanessa said, "strong, powerful, independent, with nice hair" which is... six.

Joining the show because it was one of her New Year's Resolutions, Vanessa isn't really hung up on the idea of finding the perfect man ("Perfection is an illusion") and said that the only reason she believes she's still single is due to the "wrong timing, wrong man".

While we don't know how the Honey Badch will react to either of these fiery bachelorettes, one thing's for sure... this season looks like it'll be full of surprises.

The Bachelor Australia premieres Wednesday, 15 August At 7.30pm on TEN and tenplay.