Kelsey Grammer Wants A Frasier Reboot To Happen

Hey baby I hear reboots a-calling, tossed salad and scrambled eggs.

Step right up, step right up and spin the wheel of "bringing back a popular show"!

Yes that's right folks it's that time again to ponder if a TV show should be brought back from the dead and this time, Kelsey Grammer has his eyes on the prize.

According to Deadline Grammer is keen on putting together a Frasier reboot, and callers.... ~ we're listening ~.

While some revived shows like Will & Grace and the ill-fated Roseanne picked up where we left the series, the Frasier reboot is rumoured to be looking at potentially making some changes.

Not sure yet if that means Frasier would be leaving his iconic home of Seattle as the titular radio host would be settling into a new city, making new friends, complaining about caviar prices and the etiquette of eating medium rare swan.

It would make sense though considering the original series saw Frasier's core group beginning new phases of their lives, and the radio shrink announcing a move to San Francisco -- with a last minute change of plans chasing his girlfriend to Chicago.

It also would follow the natural order of things considering Frasier was a spin-off of the wildly popular Cheers which saw the character moving back to his home of Seattle to be with his aged father and unstable younger brother.

While it's all still in production, Grammer is reportedly meeting with writers who are pitching concepts -- all of which probably include hilarious antics at the Opera and classic jabs about Puccini. A show for the people!!!

Fans of the series mourned John Mahoney, who starred as the beloved father on the series Martin, after the news that he died in February of this year.

Days after Mahoney's death Grammer tearfully spoke about the bonds he shared with both his on-screen father and brother, played by David Hyde Pierce.

"John actually played my father longer than I knew my own father, so he was more like my dad... it was an interesting thing that we got to explore what it would have been like to have those relationships… I miss him."

Featured image: Gale Adler/Paramount.