Buffy Scores Reboot Series But Fans Are Deeply Unhappy

"A Buffy reboot is the exact opposite of what I want."

Buffy fans are absolutely up in arms over plans to reboot the iconic series.

It was reported on Saturday that a reboot of the Sarah Michelle Gellar-led drama was in the works, with creator Joss Whedon on board as an executive producer.

The series would see a black actress step into the role of Buffy, with writer Monica Breen -- who has worked with Whedon on Agents of SHIELD -- penning the adaptation and serving as showrunner.

The series hasn't even found a network yet, and already Buffy fans are astoundingly unhappy with the news.

"I'm not interested in seeing a black slayer take on the role of Buffy or even seeing gender and race bent reboots," wrote cultural critic Angelica Bastien on Twitter. "It's boring and insulting. We deserve our own mythology."

If a rebooted, inclusive series is going to happen, plenty of fans are asking why it wouldn't simply focus on one of the slayers of colour who already exist within the fandom, such as Kendra (Bianca Lawson) or Nikki (K.D. Aubert)?

Kendra (L) was a slayer who was 'activated' by Buffy's temporary death, while Nikki (R) was a slayer based in New York City in the 70s.

Other fans are just straight-up unhappy about it.

Not everyone's raging mad, however, with some fans excited that their fave series is coming back.

It's TBD if fans will buy into the reboot once it's actually in the works.