Bryan Cranston Misses Breaking Bad Just As Much As You

"Wait a minute, 'Breaking Bad' is gonna be rebooted? It'll be just like 'Roseanne'... without the racism."

Miss Breaking Bad? Don't WE ALL?!

Well, as it turns out,  so do the show's former stars, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

In a new comedy skit promoting a competition where you can "cook meth, or breakfast... probably breakfast", we got a glimpse into the lives of Bryan and Aaron in a post-Breaking Bad world, and huns, it's bleak.

The clip began with a tour of the infamous RV from the series, before devolving into chaos that included:

A not-so-subtle drag, as Bryan exclaimed: "Wait a minute, Breaking Bad is gonna be rebooted? Ohhhh, THANK GOD, YESSS! It'll be just like Roseanne... without the racism."

The phrase: "SCIENCE, B***H!" to make you feel extra nostalgic.

And... uh... a "s**t bucket":

"Okay, yeah, right. So I'm just an actor who's broken down, can't get over the fact that his show has been finished for five years, and so I'm living in an RV, and using a bucket as a toilet!" Bryan said, incredulous.

"Oh my God," replied Aaron. "There is so much s**t in there! There's like a month's worth of s**t in there!"

There's also tears, a confrontation and a plot twist we'll leave for you to see for yourselves.

Anyway, as for this post (and the show):

Feature image: YouTube