MasterChef's Samira Dishes On The Ridiculously Hard Elimination Challenge

"It was probably the hardest challenge, I really struggled."

On Sunday's episode of MasterChef, fans were pretty emotional for a number of reasons, but many couldn't help but notice Samira Damirova's act of kindness, taking time out of her cook to console Jess.

Ending up in the elimination challenge, Samira unfortunately stumbled in the tricky challenge of recreating Joe Grbac's dish without a recipe, tasting or even seeing the final dish.

All they had was a review written by Matt Preston, containing clues to the dish's construction, flavours and final presentation.

Samira told ten daily she used her intuition in an attempt to create the closest replica she could.

"It was probably the hardest challenge, I really struggled," Samira told us after her elimination.

"It was pretty insane, there were a lot of elements and trying to recreate them from just a review, it was mind boggling."

Despite her hurdle in the final challenge, the 36-year-old only had rave reviews regarding her time in the competition, but it was her ability to bridge her home of Azerbaijan and Australia that she really cherished.

"Azerbaijan isn't so well known in Australia, and the same goes for Australia in Azerbaijan, so I felt like I could introduce both countries to each other," she said, adding: "People in Azerbaijan were cheering for me on the show, and so were Australians, it was incredible."

Bringing the tastes and techniques of Azerbaijani cuisine was always part of Samira's plan, who said that even during a challenge she would always try to add "a touch of [herself] and [her] heritage".

"That's the thing about MasterChef," she continued, "this year especially, it's so multicultural, it's the real Australia of today."

When asked about the overwhelming positive response to helping Jess in the kitchen, Samira wasn't fazed, saying it was just part of the environment of the competition.

"We're a really good team," she said of her other contestants, "In the kitchen, but outside it as well. Everyone is supportive, we're competing but at the same time we understand it's all based on food."

"It's what we cook, and we're all very different, so being supportive was really important."

Since leaving the MasterChef kitchen, Samira has been working hard to continue her efforts on bridging the two nations close to her heart -- with her sights set on developing a TV series in Azerbaijan featuring the culture and food to further educate Aussies on her home.

She's also planning a cookbook on Azerbaijani recipes, illustrated with her own photography.

MasterChef Australia airs Sunday to Thursday on TEN and tenplay