Netflix Releases First Looks At Stranger Things And The Crown's Third Seasons

Yaasss Queen (Elizabeth).

Two of Netflix's biggest series are coming back for a third season in no time, and to get us amped the streaming giant gave a few first looks at both The Crown and Stranger Things' upcoming new looks.

First up, The Crown is undergoing a major shift with the third season, despite the critical acclaim of the cast the series always planned to completely re-cast the series in order to have characters realistically age.

In doing so, Netflix gave us the first look at Olivia Coleman as she steps into Claire Foy's regal shoes to play Queen Elizabeth II.

The Crown Season 3 Olivia Coleman Claire Foy Netflix
Spill that tea, Queen! Image: Netflix.

Following the show's peculiar but clever format, Coleman will play the royal role for two seasons of the series before herself being recast. She's joined by Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip, replacing Matt Smith, and Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret, replacing Vanessa Kirby.

From one palace to another, Netflix also released a viral Stranger Things promo set in Hawkins' BRAND NEW MALL!!!

The commercial for the Starcourt Mall gives us a very, very '80s look at the new season of the cult classic series, as well as a glimpse of bad-boy turned demogorgon slaying heartthrob/hair icon Steve Harrington in his newest role: ice cream scooper.

We also get the first glimpse at Maya Hawke -- daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, hello -- playing her character Robin. Robin has been described as an "alternative girl" who is bored of her day job and yearns for excitement. Luckily Hawkins has plenty of that and we've no doubt Robin will stumble upon some terrifying monster or nefarious secret.

Stranger Things Season 3 Steve Harrington Joe Keery Robin Maya Hawke release date netflix
Steve and Robin working their thrilling jobs at Scoops Ahoy. Image: Netflix via YouTube.

Despite the fun, funky vibe of the teaser, the series' showrunners the Duffer brothers have promised the third season will be "darker" than the previous two, so that's got us a little terrified.

Neither The Crown or Stranger Things have confirmed their release dates for their third seasons -- while Stranger Things usually drops right before Halloween, the teaser hints at "next summer" leading some to believe we might not see the next season until 2019.

Featured image: Netflix.