Orange Is The New Black Season Six Promises To Take Things To The Max

"It’s very different here. These girls are psychos.”

The ladies of Litchfield are back, and this time they're taking things to the max, literally.

Those of us keeping up with the inmates will recall that last season ended on a cliffhanger where -- after a three-day riot -- a bunch of our faves were being separated and sent off to different prisons, while 10 of our main players were trapped in a basement, about to face a riot squad, when a smoke bomb went off, leaving us to guess their fate.

Today, the trailer for season six has dropped and with the inmates now residing at Litchfield maximum security up the hill, Lorna declares: "It’s very different here. These girls are psychos”.

From there, we see the women navigating their new domain, with new beef and new rules to adjust to.

"Blues and khakis have beef with one another, pinks are safe out there," Piper tells Suzanne in the trailer, who declares that  “navigating adult female friendships is so complicated.” A fact!

As the riot of season five continues to be investigated, will the inmates turn on one another, or will their bonds prevail?

All that's left to do is tune in when it drops on Netflix on June 27, and to pretend that the bizarrely upbeat, CRIMINALLY BAD cover of Fiona Apple's "Criminal" isn't playing over this trailer, and in fact, does not exist in this world. In fact, here's the original so you can cleanse your palette before you click away and get on with your day. Don't say we never did anything for you! Bye!!

Feature image: Netflix