Brendan Reveals Cooking For Prince Charles Was Less Stressful Than Gordon Ramsay

It's not every family that gets TWO opportunities to cook for a royal.

It appears MasterChef was all about the second chances for Brendan. The fan-favourite made his triumphant comeback midway through the season after being eliminated earlier -- winning the judges back with his second-chance cook.

And this week he was the second of his family to cook for His Royal Highness Prince Charles.

"Last time Prince Charles was in Perth mum made a celebration birthday cake for him. It's pretty funny how things work out..."

Visiting in 2015, Prince Charles was presented with one of Brendan's mum's incredible cakes, "It weighed like 15 kilos or something, from memory, it was layered with chocolate or brownies, and had stacks of Toblerone and chocolate on top," Brendan told ten daily.

Brendan Pang MasterChef 2018 Winner Prince Charles Royals
Brendan and his mum posing with the actual cake they baked for Prince Charles in 2015. Image: supplied.

While cooking for a legit royal is a rare treat (unless you're part of the Pang family), Brendan revealed he was a lot more nervous cooking for another MasterChef guest this year.

"I think every cook in the competition is quite hard, but on that scale -- it was a lot harder cooking for Gordon. He's right there, screaming at you and expecting really good food..."

We caught up with Brendan only a few weeks ago when he first got the boot, but this time around he had a bit of a secret weapon in his sleeve. When Brendan was eliminated the first time around, he was able to head home, not knowing he'd be back to battle for a second-chance spot later.

"I know traditionally MasterChef brings contestants back," Brendan told ten daily, "but I didn't know we had a second chance cook".

"When I came back [to MasterChef] I had done some work experiences in Perth kitchens, I learned some really awesome techniques, tips on how to stay clean and shortcuts from chefs."

At the same time, Brendan said the time away was an advantage and disadvantage, as the other contestants were still in the same routine and rhythm.

"It wasn't the same, I had to really adjust as quick as I could because the others had their minds in the MasterChef game the whole time."

Despite having to adjust, Brendan said going back into the competition was the "best feeling ever".

With several opportunities on the go, Brendan is still focusing on working with his incredibly talented cake goddess mum to collaborate in the coming months.

MasterChef Australia airs Sunday to Thursday on TEN and tenplay.