Buffy Showrunner Marti Noxon Admits That Tara Did Not Have To Die

Today in "WE BEEN KNEW!!!!"

If there's one thing the Buffy, the Vampire Slayer fandom will never forgive, nor forget, it's the unresolved trauma we have over Tara Maclay's untimely death.

(Well... that and also maybe Kennedy???? Because like ????    Keep it?  ??          ?)

Anyway, after patiently waiting for 16-ish years, the fandom have finally received what we are so owed: an acknowledgement that Tara DID NOT HAVE TO DIE.

Shot dead by toxic masculinity,  literal piece of shit, incels before they were called incels Warren toward the end of the show's polarising 'life is the big bad' sixth season, Tara's death triggers 'Dark Willow' and sets up the Buffy vs. Willow finale showdown.

The choice to kill off Tara is one of the many elements of season six fans take issue with, and no one knows that better than Marti Noxon, who executive produced the show's final two seasons as creator Joss Whedon focused on Angel and the launch of Firefly.

“I ruined Buffy and I will RUIN YOU TOO,” reads the Twitter bio of Noxon, whose season six themes of violent sex, addiction and self-harm are present in her post-Buffy work as well. Noxon co-created UnREAL, wrote and directed the controversial anorexia Netflix film To The Bone and is currently on the promo circuit for the HBO adaption of Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects, starring Amy Adams.

In retrospect, it appears Noxon may have some regrets about season six.

In an interview with Vulture, Noxon said:  "There were parts of season six where I feel we went too far. We pushed into some categories that almost felt sadistic and that Buffy was volunteering for things that were beyond just 'bad choices' and were almost irresponsible for the character".

Noxon went onto condede: "That may have to do with my own history! The personal, right? It's personal."

Describing parts of season six as "really rickety", Noxon concluded: "I think that killing Tara was – in retrospect, of all the people, did she have to die?"

While we may never forgive Noxon for murdering our beloved Tara, it's nice to finally have our truth acknowledged. Vindication feels so good!

Feature image: 20th Century Fox