Grant Denyer Wins The Gold Logie And Is Brought To Tears

"'Family Feud' thank you so much, you saved me."

It's been a night to remember. We've gawked over the gownswe've debated whether or not the voiceover was good or not, and we've made some history.

Finally, at long, (long), last, we've crowned a new Gold Logie winner: Grant Denyer!

Nominated for Family Feud, an emotional Denyer said that he "definitely thought it was Amanda Keller's night".

Calling her a "remarkable human being", he noted that Keller has had an "incredible career" and thanked her for the wonderful week they'd had together.

Of course, he also had to acknowledge Tom Gleeson's #Denyer4Gold campaign, that saw people flock to the TV Week site to sign up and vote for Grant.

"Thanks for the hard chat mate, I appreciate it," he said, quipping: "Sometimes in this country you need an angry redhead to get things done and Pauline Hanson wasn't available."

Denyer went on to say that it "really is an absolute honour to be welcomed" into people's homes every night, and became emotional talking about how much Family Feud meant to him.

"I'll tell you why this is important... Family Feud came along for me in my life at a time where I really wasn't quite sure if I would ever work again or I wanted to," he shared.

"I wasn't in a very good place. I wasn't very well. I was in a bit of a hole," he continued, describing his state at the time as "pretty sad and a bit lost".

"I was in fact I was very unwell, unwell at that particular time," he said. "Family Feud gave me a ladder out of that hole and I'm very lucky to have had it. It gave me my mojo back, it gave me my confidence and courage, I rebuilt myself, it give me a few attitude and I figured out it's never too late to improve yourself, to be kind to other people, to know you can always be a better you and have a much better positive influence on other people.

Tearing up, Denyer thanked his producers and network, saying: "Family Feud thank you so much, you saved me. I know it's television and I know it's just entertainment, but it means the world to me."

Thanking his wife Shezzi, he gushed "oh my god, we did it darling," as she cheered him on. "We bloody did it!"

"We have come a long way," he told her. "I owe this to you, we are an incredible team and you have been there by my side through the best and the worst."

"You are always a ray of sunshine in our world," he continued, adding in a shout out to their daughters, Sailor and Scout.

"Thank you for everything, this is yours," he said, dedicating the award to his wife and daughters.

"I have said 'survey says' 30,000 times over the last four years," he said. "If it's okay, as we bow our Family Feud for the final time, before I do that thank you everyone around Australia for voting for this. This is incredible. I can't believe the ground swell of support. You have blown my mind. For the very last time, 'Survey says...'

"Thank you everybody, thank you so much."

Congratulations, Grant!