Logies 2018: Amanda Keller Is Keen To Let Loose At The Logies After Party

"This is the year where I'm doing the nudie run.".

Gold Logie nominee and gracious queen Amanda Keller is on holidays and ready to cut loose tonight after television's night of nights wraps up.

On the red carpet at The Star on the Gold Coast earlier this evening for the 60th TV Week Logie Awards, ten daily host Amberley Lobo caught up with the beloved star.

Asked if there was a revenge plan set up for if Grant Denyer takes home the Gold Logie tonight, Amanda assured us that all was well between the nominees.

"I think [I'll] be feeling alright [if Grant wins]!" she told Amberley. "I've seen him all through this last week... and I think genuinely we'd be okay, if we can't win it, we're okay that the other wins it, I think!"

She added: "That's what I'm telling you!" before joking that Grant may have gripes with her if she is to win big tonight.

On the topic of the Logies afterparty, however, Amanda held nothing back.

"Tell ya what, 'coz I do breakfast radio, I'm normally the one who has to get up at four!" she explained.

This year, however, Amanda is on holidays, and she tells us she plans to take full advantage of that.

"This is the year where I'm doing the nudie run. This is the year where I'm throwing my shoes off and SKANKING IT UP!" she exclaimed with a laugh. "Enjoy it! It's gonna happen."

Meanwhile, if the hangover gets too hectic, Amanda says she just plans to ride it out with the knowledge that "eventually, in three days, I'll feel a lot better".

"And also, maybe a Macca's run," she finishes. Relateable!