Asia O'Hara Apologises For Drag Race Finale As Butterfly Memes Roll In

Condragulations to everybody except Asia O'Hara's butterflies.

WARNING: Spoilers for the RuPaul's Drag Race season ten finale to follow.

Drag queen Asia O'Hara has apologised for a disastrous RuPaul's Drag Race finale after the live butterflies she'd planned for her 'big reveal' failed to emerge during the lip sync.

The 35-year-old fan favourite faced off against fellow queens Aquaria, Eureka and Kameron Michaels for the crown, which aired on Friday.

Kameron, a.k.a. the lip sync assassin, chose Asia to lip sync for her life (and the win), and while both queens dragged their charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to the stage (look at the first letter of each word if that phrase is unfamiliar to you), unfortunately, the butterflies did not.

The butterflies were clearly intended to flutter out dramatically as Asia opened each contraption on her costume.

It did not go as planned, and Asia was forced to deliver a lackluster lip sync sans a reveal, being eliminated by Ru for her troubles.

The butterflies later crawled out on stage, sad and confused.

The reactions of her fellow queens in the audience says it all.

Asia apologised for her failed stunt on social media after the finale aired.

"I just want to let everyone know how sad and heartbroken I am by the way my lip sync performance during the finale of RuPaul's Drag Race turned out," she said.

"Despite months of research and rehearsing with a professional company, what I hoped would be an amazing and safe display of optimism and a surprise for everyone including production and the network, it did not go as planned.

"I would like to publicly offer the entire world my deepest apology. It's important that everyone knows that I would never purposefully hurt any living being and have the utmost respect for all animals."

She told EW that she'd successfully rehearsed the reveal several times at home, using Painted Lady butterflies from Florida that are often used in similar reveals at weddings and bridal showers.

She speculated that the contraptions -- which are cooled for interstate travel to allow the butterflies to hybernate -- were perhaps not warmed up enough to wake butterflies up.

"But, as they warmed up in the stage lights during the break, they started to fly away!" she said.

There's no amount of apologies in the world, however, that will stop the memes, which are coming in thick and fast -- including from other queens.

Asia told EW that no butterflies were harmed, but PETA has condemned the "sad spectacle".

Meanwhile, the fourth runner up queen is donating 100 volunteer hours to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and celebrating the new Season 10 winner: 22-year-old "bitch from New York City", Aquaria.

Condragulations to Aquaria. Butterflies, it's time you sashayed, away.