Tom Gleeson Is HARD For Grant Denyer To Win The Gold Logie

#Denyer4Gold! #Denyer4Gold! #Denyer4Gold!

The Australian public is rallying for Grant Denyer to win the coveted Gold Logie after a particularly good Hard Chat with Tom Gleeson.

Denyer and Gleeson went head-to-head on The Weekly with Charlie Pickering on Wednesday night, debating the merit of Denyer's Gold Logie nomination for Ten's Family Fued, a show that's currently being rested.

“You were nominated for a Gold Logie for Family Feud which has been axed,” Gleeson said. “Are the Logies broken?”

Denyer shot back: “If I had a known it was this easy to be nominated I would have had all my shows axed a long time ago."

Tom Gleeson Is HARD For Grant Denyer To Win The Gold Logie

Gleeson said that as a "man of science", he was "struggling" with the nomination.

"The Gold Logie is supposed to be for the most popular person on TV," he pressed. "Your show was axed due to low ratings from the third highest-rating network. That just doesn’t make sense.”

Denyer's response was to note that while Family Feud may not have been a ratings goldmine, it was "Australia’s most loved game show," quipping: "That’s what you say when you’re not the highest rating game show”.

As the conversation progressed, Gleeson then came to realise what we've known all along; that Denyer is Australia's most beloved underdog, and absolutely deserves to take home the gold this Sunday.

“How good would it be if Feud won?” said Gleeson. “The Logies are an absolute joke — how good would it be if you won the Gold, finally, for a show that wasn’t on air? It’s perfect!”

And with that, the campaign was off and running!

Needless to say, the Aussie public loves an underdog, so the votes are now rolling in!

Gleeson will be campaigning for Denyer on The Project tonight, and Gold Logie nominee Denyer will co-host The Project tomorrow.

You can watch the full video below, but don't forget to place your vote for Grant at!

#Denyer4Gold 4-ever!