Kirsten Dunst Returns To The Small Screen With New Comedy Series

Kirsten will return to television playing a waterpark employee who scams her way to the top of a pyramid scheme.

Kirsten Dunst was definitely may have been robbed of a Golden Globe for her work on season two of Fargo in 2016 when Lady Gaga paid off the Hollywood Foreign Press won the Best Actress in a Limited Series award, but it hasn't soured her from returning to the small screen. (We're not bitter, promise!!!)

YouTube Premium has just ordered a 10-episode series to On Becoming a God in Central Florida, a dark comedy series starring Kirsten Dunst.

Us right now:

Kiki is also executive producing the series, alongside George Clooney.

"So what's it about?" you ask? TBH, we'd watch Kiki read a phone book for 19 hours straight so we're actually not that fussed, but Variety had this to say about it:

"Set near Orlando in the early 1990s, the show [centres] on Krystal Gill (Dunst), a minimum-wage-earning water park employee who will eventually scheme her way up the ranks of Founders American Merchandise: the cultish, flag waving, multi-billion dollar pyramid scheme that drove her family to ruin."

Set to premiere in 2019, the show was originally developed by AMC before moving over to YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red).

Kiki as a scammer? 2019 can't come soon enough.

Feature image: Getty.