5 YASS Moments From Our Chat With The Fab Five

Dolphins, selfies, and the mayor's bling... these are a few of our favourite things?

It's not every day you get to sit down with actual (YASS) royalty and talk about how much Queen Elizabeth II needs to chill TF out about her nail polish policy.

And yet, here we are. Meeting Queer Eye's Fab Five during their visit to ten daily HQ I knew we'd have to pull out all the stops to make sure the guys would have a FAB time. But I wasn't prepared for what went down.

Here, the five weirdest moments from our chat with Queer Eye's Fab Five.

When Antoni brought up dolphin rape and then Bobby started squeaking like one

File this one under "things you never thought you'd say". It's no secret that all the guys have different talents -- after all, that's exactly why they were hired-- but when Bobby Berk started squeaking like a dolphin and NOBODY reacted I sat there in front of them like is nobody else seeing this!? 

In case that wasn't weird enough, Antoni went on to describe how the dolphins actually push their noses up people's bits in the ocean!?! (brb... crossing 'swimming with dolphins' off my bucket list).

Jonathan ranting about how the Queen needs to pipe down

Okay but honey has a point here. We got to chatting about all the rules that Meghan Markle has to follow now that she's officially a royal and I mentioned that coloured nail polishes and selfies were on the "not happening" list. And JVN was NOT happy about it! In fact, his exact words were "you literally wore a tennis ball coloured dress!!" The best part of this whole thing though? The rest of the guys desperately looking at the camera like "WE ARE SO SORRY YOUR MAJESTY!"

Finding out Karamo never goes to the gym

I haven't interviewed that many celebs, but I'm pretty sure calling someone a liar isn't part of the process. I just couldn't help myself though! At the end of the interview, I asked the guys if since being cast together, they'd found out anything about their co-stars that made them go "oh! Would not have guessed that about you!". After it was revealed that the guys didn't think Jonathan was a beer drinker, Bobby told me that Karamo never goes to the gym and tbh... H O W?

Take a scroll through his insta and you'll side with me on the whole "LIAR!" thing... Turns out he follows the Kim K method of eating and doesn't eat until 1pm and then only eats tiny portions. JVN comes to the rescue describing himself as a "human garbage disposal". Henny, there is nothing garbage about you.

When we found out that Aussies can technically claim Tan as their own

Every good interviewer knows when it's time to step back to allow chat to happen and when JVN is in the room you sorta have to! After very politely asking if he could ask Tan (who is literal sunshine by the way) a question, Jonathan wanted to know how Tan felt being in his half-sister's native country!

"It feels amazing and it reminds me a lot of England."... (it was pouring with rain while the guys were in Sydney, so no surprises that it felt like home for Tan!)

I guess that settles it then, Tan is ours forever.

Antoni telling me about how the haloumi in Australia isn't as good

I knew this was my moment, as a Cypriot-Australian girl talking to a TV cook (YES HE IS A PROPER COOK, I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS), knowing that there's someone batting for quality Cypriot food items across the world just made me so happy. After asking where all the haloumi doused in cognac and flamed was, I suggested Antoni make saganaki on the next season of the show... so I'll be expecting my producer's credit aaaaany day now.

In conclusion, was this the best day of my life so far?