Hannah Gadsby's Nanette Is The Only Thing You Need To Watch This Weekend

Believe the hype!

There's a moment during Hannah Gadsby's Nanette when you realise what you're watching isn't an ordinary stand-up comedy show.

Gadsby has been a star in the Australian comedy scene for years, and during her time on Josh Thomas' Please Like Me, her fanbase increased. Now, in a show she's been touring across the globe, she announces she's retiring from comedy.

"It's probably not the forum to make such an announcement, is it?" she joked to the crowd at the Sydney Opera House where the special was filmed.

What transpires over the hour-long show is that Gadsby doesn't just deconstruct comedy, she draws the audience in -- telling them her story -- and in the process she doesn't just deconstruct but rather obliterates the standards of society, of race and gender and sexuality. The show transforms from a generic stand-up show to an incredibly powerful, personal and universal sermon that feels necessary.

The show won the Best Comedy Show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Barry Award for Best Show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and Best Comedy Performer at the Helpmann Awards.

The less you know about the journey the better, but Gadsby's expertise at weaving the comedic with the tragic is showcased at its very best in an unmissable, superb special.

Nanette is now on Netflix and it's unlike anything else out there. Watch it.

Feature image: Netflix.