Aldo's Not Letting His MasterChef Exit Darken His Mood Or His Shirts

After a shocking twist, the smiling chef said goodbye to the MasterChef kitchen.

Some of our favourites in the MasterChef kitchen wow us with their incredible cooking, and others win us over with their gorgeous personalities. For Aldo Ortado it was both.

"The judges kept asking me why I was always smiling," Aldo told ten daily. "You need to have fun. I had an incredible experience since day one, it was great, I'd do it all again for sure".

Even when the pressure was on, Aldo never let it get to him, keeping a sunny disposition almost as bright as his array of colourful shirts.

"I can't stand dark clothing anymore," he told us, saying the whole experience was wrapped up in his positive personality.

"That's just the way I am. In the most stressful environment I need to be comfortable with myself."

Aldo's playful spirit definitely came through during the series, not taking himself too seriously, he was like a ray of sunshine in the kitchen and a constant source of entertainment.

Aldo Ortado MasterChef Colourful Shirts competiton eliminated
Curtis Stone's visit to the MasterChef kitchen, and Aldo's perfect response, is one we won't soon forget.

Aldo grew up in the Italian province of Bacoli, and spoke a lot about his nonna's influence on his cooking, and while she's super happy for his progress in the competition, he revealed he's nervous for his family back in Italy to see the series.

"To be honest I'm quite scared and embarrassed...  I won't have my own voice. They'll have to dub me."

Aldo was faced with one of the biggest twists in the competition -- after essentially being eliminated, the judges revealed that he'd have one last chance to save his bacon, bringing back the 12 previously eliminated contestants. All lucky 13 of the eliminated chefs were given the opportunity to cook a single dish, their best, to give them the opportunity to re-join the competition.

Even when facing the challenge of cooking again, Aldo says it was all about having fun.

"I think I screamed like a teenage girl when I saw everyone."

Unfortunately for Aldo, another fan-favourite Brendan managed to edge his way back into the competition.

After leaving the competition, Aldo assured us that MasterChef was just the beginning. Now working on a cookbook, planning pop-ups and partnerships around Sydney, the chef plans to continue showcasing his love for southern Italian cuisine.

"It's just all the recipes and food that my nonna would cook back home," he said adding that he can't wait to continue to "promote the parts of Italy that have been forgotten throughout the years -- the beautiful south where you can find beautiful, rustic cuisine".

MasterChef Australia airs Sunday to Thursday on TEN and tenplay