Queer Eye's Antoni Is Opening A Restaurant

If you're thinking about making guac jokes, avocadon't.

Fresh from their tour down under, one of our favourites from the  Fab Five has big news.

Antoni Porowski, Queer Eye's Food and Wine expert revealed during a panel that he was planning to open a "fast-casual" restaurant in New York.

Saying he wasn't supposed to talk about it, then talking about it, Antoni revealed a bit more about the hush-hush project according to Food&Wine.

"I’m all about like cheese and pork belly and decadence, and as a result of the increased vanity of being on camera all the time and working out and eating healthy, I’m developing a fast-casual food concept restaurant that I’m gonna be opening here in New York," the 34-year-old said.

Antoni has arisen as quite the divisive figure online, with his simple recipe advice on Queer Eye prompting some viewers to wonder if he actually had the chops to back up his expert title.

It also inspired at least 9,000 memes about his love for avocados after using them in several of the episodes across the two seasons of the Netflix reboot.

Despite the memes, Antoni is planning on releasing a cookbook and guess WHAT -- there'll be one ingredient missing.

"It's a 100-recipe cookbook," he told the panel, "and I think... oh my God.... not one of them has avocados in it!"

The second season of the series saw Antoni joined by his four fabulous friends, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk and Jonathan Van Ness as they continue their efforts in giving their brand of make-over ordinary folks.

Both seasons of Queer Eye are now available to stream on Netflix, but be warned: you will probably cry your butt off.

Featured image: Netflix.