Nightmare Makeup Tutorial Shows You How To Turn Into Spongebob Character Using A Condom

"I need ways to make my face Squidward shaped."

Some YouTube makeup tutorials are super helpful, you can learn contouring tips or ways to reduce redness or just cute tips for everyday use.

Some YouTube makeup tutorials feature a woman strapping a condom to her face to make a nightmare Squidward.

YouTuber Mykie, who runs the channel Glam&Gore set herself the challenge to turn herself into the Spongebob Squarepants character using only products she bought at a drugstore.

Spending over $160, Mykie grabbed all the essentials including non-lubricated condoms and silicone nipple covers. "I'll explain later," she promised.

"You look at Squidward's nose and tell me you don't see what I see and why I would grab this," she said defending the unconventional material used in the look.

"This is just latex. This is just a latex sleeve that we would use in FX anyway," Mykie explained.

The Squidward transformation isn't Mykie's first Spongebob-inspired look, having transformed herself into the titular sponge last year.

Check out the full, incredible, nightmare-inducing transformation below.