Nigella's Inspired Jenny How To Be Herself In The MasterChef Kitchen

"She told me, 'Don't cook to impress. Cook to enjoy'."

In her final cook of the MasterChef competition Jenny Lam told the judges that her time in the kitchen helped her discover a more authentic version of her food identity.

"Nigella actually gave me some advice that changed how I thought in the kitchen," Jenny told ten daily.

"When I first got into the competition I was trying to impress the judges. The things I was good at, the things I enjoyed cooking, I thought they weren't good enough."

After Nigella had stopped by, she changed the way Jenny approached her cooking on the show.

"She told me, 'Don't cook to impress. Cook to enjoy'. It's so true, I think -- although I went home that day -- it was one of the days I thoroughly enjoyed."

It's hard to imagine enjoying one of the most fast-paced pressure tests we've seen, with each of the chefs receiving a chicken and being asked to use it inany dish -- however they saw fit.

The catch was that in the first round the chefs would be given 45 minutes, the two best dishes would be safe, the remaining chefs would face off in round two where they would only have 30 minutes and whatever sections of the chicken they hadn't used.

Again, two chefs would be safe and the final three were given only 25 minutes and the third go at the chook's remains. The final round looked like a warzone with Hoda, Jess and Jenny rushing around the kitchen.

"It's crazy, it's like you're in battle," Jenny told us.

"It's not about the prize, you want to be there so bad because you learn so much throughout the process and you know the smallest thing can send you home because you're up against some great cooks."

Despite leaving the competition during South Australia week Jenny was inspired during their visit to Maggie Beer's Barossa home.

"I would love to do something similar in Swan Valley in Perth," the 28-year-old said of her future plans.

Currently juggling her time between her own marketing company and working at Wildflower in Perth, Jenny is planning to release a cookbook next year, with her eyes on setting up a cooking school in the years to come.

"I feel like there's a belief out there that cooking for yourself is too hard, expensive and a chore. I'd love to spin that and show people how cooking can be relaxing, you can cook for yourself and it can be entertaining!"

MasterChef Australia airs Sunday to Thursday on TEN and tenplay.