Khanh's Win Makes It The Fourth MasterChef Immunity Pin Of The Season

He'll be a happy little Vegemite.

On Tuesday's episode of MasterChef Khanh faced off against Jin Choi, head chef at Mount Lofty House from Hardy's Verandah Restaurant.

Khanh was given the choice to use either peanut butter or Vegemite in the cook and was given 75 minutes (Jin getting only 60) to use the ingredient in a significant way. Surprisingly Khanh picked the Vegemite, a bit of a strong taste and not the ingredient you'd expect to find in restaurant-quality food.

Obviously our minds went straight to "Vegemite and cheese jaffle... except it's fancy" but Khanh stepped things up making a chicken and Vegemite dish the judges found hit all the right notes.

Scoring a massive 26 out of 30, Khanh blitzed the competition, beating out Jin's 17 out of 30 making his the fourth immunity pin of the season.

Khanh Vegemite immunity pin
Despite the pressure being on, Khanh was a happy little Vegemite and managed to really smash the competition.

Speaking to ten daily, Khanh believed the massive amount of pins being handed out had something to do with the expert strategy of the contestants.

"We're all playing to our strengths," the 25-year-old DJ from Victoria said, "We are doing what we know, what we love and the judges can tell through the food".

Despite winning the pin, Khanh said he was in two minds about feeling more safe in the competition.

"I think [the pin] does two things, you're less stressed because you start to believe in yourself, you're more confident so you no longer play it safe -- you take more risks because you have a safety net."

At the same time there is added pressure from the judges to perform, to give them great food because you've set a standard for yourself."

Despite that safety net Khanh described, he isn't entirely out of the woods. We're still recovering from the HISTORIC moment when fan-favourite Loki decided to not play his pin, making him the first ever contestant to leave the MasterChef kitchen still wearing his pin.

Still, Khanh's optimistic about his win, and is focusing on more important things for now.

"Maybe I can learn to make a Vegemite dessert..."

MasterChef Australia airs Sunday to Thursday on TEN and tenplay.