Felicity Cast Reunites And Talks About THAT Ending

And whether a reboot is on the cards.

When it comes to lingering love triangles, it's hard to go past that of Felicity, Noel and Ben.

Twenty years on from the premiere of the hit television series 'Felicity' -- which followed Felicity Porter’s move to the Big Apple -- the cast were back together.

Lead Keri Russell and love interests Scott Speedman and Scott Foley were among the stars who reunited on Sunday at the ATX Festival in Texas.

Co-creators J.J. Abraham and Matt Reeves were there, too, and we finally had some (but not all) answers -- starting with that 'double ending'.

“The network cancelled us -- kind of. And then they were like, ‘Just kidding,’ do a few more,” Russell said.

“They cancelled us, put another show on, and that show failed miserably in the first episode,” Greg Grunberg, who played Sean, added.

“That’s when they called back and said, ‘we need more episodes’.

“That show was Roseanne,” he quipped.

Felicity had graduated from college and chosen Ben, with the so-called double ending offering a fictional look at what life would look like if she had gone with Noel.

“Ben turned out to be kind of a turd, and so then she got to go back like everyone was wondering .. and make a different choice and see what would happen,” Amanda Foreman, who played Megan, said.

“I thought it was great.”

Looking back on the original ending, the pieces came together for Foley.

“It all makes sense to me now,” he said.

“She chose Ben because I died. Noel wasn’t even a choice. She had no one else.”

Jokes aside, Russell said the “chance to change your life completely” resonated with audiences.

“The beauty of the show as always is this really simple idea that I feel is very relatable. This romantic idea … that a lot of times when you’re young of this chance to change your life completely,” she said.

“Everyone can look back on that one moment … and that’s what we got to live through Felicity. She did that, she took risks. She jumped.”

And the burning question -- twenty years on, can fans look forward to a revival?

Foley was at first hesitant.

“I feel that the show was so specific to the characters in that time of their lies that to do it again would be an injustice to the show we all made and love,” he said.

But he changed his tune.

“Looking at these faces … and feeling some of the emotions reminiscing about that, I would love to work with every again.”

Speedman said “there’s a way to make it work”.