Netflix Announces Third Season Of 13 Reasons Why To Mixed Reaction

"I'm happy BUT this is not necessary."

Netflix announced on Wednesday that it would be renewing its controversial teen drama 13 Reasons Why for a third season and the news received a pretty divided reaction.

The series is based on a YA novel by the same name which tells the story of a young girl named Hannah who commits suicide leaving behind 13 cassette tapes blaming her classmates for her death.

The first season drew substantial criticism not only for its depiction of Hannah's suicide, as well as sexual assault and bullying, but also failed to include any trigger or content warnings before episodes containing potentially harmful scenes.

The show was criticised by mental health experts and there were several instances of potential "copycat" incidents, and the streaming service was forced to include more content warnings to the series, as well as offering resources with information on mental health and suicide prevention.

Still, the show's second season drew great criticism with the show featuring one character amassing multiple guns and heading to a school dance. The Los Angeles premiere of the series was cancelled as a response to the Santa Fe school shooting that left ten people dead.

Throughout all this, each time Netflix and the show was criticised directly they fell back on the theory that the show was helpful as it "started conversations". While experts agreed that silence isn't a responsible way to handle these tricky subjects, they also believed the series handled them irresponsibly.

While the Paramount Network made the recent decision to cancel its Heathers series on the back of the ongoing school shooting epidemic in the United States, Netflix doubled down announcing a third season of 13 Reasons.

Many, including fans of the series, weren't entirely impressed with the decision to continue the show.

One of the series regulars, Aussie actor Katherine Langford who plays Hannah, recently posted on Instagram that it's unlikely she'll be reprising the role.

"This show will always be a special part of my life," Langford captioned the image, "and regardless of whether Hannah is there or not, I know that I will continue to strive to do work that is meaningful and has a positive impact -- whether that be in film, music, or any other form of art."

"There is a lot coming up this next year, and I can't wait to share it with you"

The third season of 13 Reasons Why is expected to start streaming next year.