Everything's Still Peachy For Masterchef's Joyful Jo

“I still glare at peaches when I walk into Coles.”

Her Peach Melba dessert may have been the dish that sent her packing, but that didn’t stop Masterchef’s Jo Kendray from having a pretty sweet time on the show.

“It was such an amazing experience! I’m so glad that I pursued it because it’s something that I’ll remember for a long, long time,” she told ten daily, adding, “It still doesn’t really feel like it was me -- a bit of an out-of-body experience.”

While things were looking positive for the Darwin-born contestant, it was the revelation that the next pressure test was set to by master pastry chef Darren Purchese from Melbourne’s acclaimed Burch and Purchese Sweet Studio that had Jo beginning to worry.

“I had cooked so well in the previous pressure test, so felt like I was going to be okay. When I heard it was him, I seriously wanted to just hand back my apron right then because I know what he does, and knew this wasn’t just going to be an apple pie - this was next level stuff!” she told us.

Jo didn't seem too keen on her final pressure test.

“It’s not my strength definitely, but also a little excited since I told my family I’d be okay with getting eliminated if it was some kind of crazy dessert -- and I guess Darren Bought his A Game!"

“I still glare at peaches when I walk into Coles,” she laughs.

If you’re sad the see the bubbly blonde go, there's no need to worry, ‘cos the 46-year-old revealed that you definitely haven’t seen the last of her and the rest of the Masterchef crew, with a whole lot of drool-worthy food tours in the works.

"Food tours definitely on the go -- Loki and I have talked about getting something for India this year -- we want to film it and share it with the world,” she said, adding, "Also, my new BFF Aldo has offered plus I’d like to do a BBQ USA trip as well -- Tim said he’d be happy to jump in on that."

“One thing for sure," she adds. "They will all hit the brief - tasty and delicious!"

We can’t wait!

MasterChef Australia airs Sunday to Thursday on TEN and tenplay.