The Body Hack Episode The US Refused To Air

"This show goes to some pretty extreme places."

Todd Sampson's Body Hack is probably not the kind of show you want to sit down to watch while eating dinner, at least not the first episode of season two.

The first season of the hit series shocked viewers as Sampson put his body through all sorts of mental and physical trials, and the second season sees him taking things to even greater extremes.

The show aims to explore, as Sampson puts it, how "we can understand ourselves better by trying to understand others -- regardless of how different those others are".

During last night's episode where Sampson travelled to India to live with holy men called sadhus -- who worship pain and endurance -- he had a run-in with cannibals. And the episode was so confronting, Sampson revealed the TV network it's on in the U.S. wouldn't show it.

Sampson explained as he was doing a piece to camera he just heard this "crunch" from behind him, the sound of someone eating human flesh. Speaking to The Project, Sampson revealed that even he has a line he won't cross.

"The thing that turned me off," he explained, "was not the visual ... it was the smell".

Despite the intense content of the first episode, Sampson truly believes it's the perfect family show, just not one where you plonk the kids in front of the TV.

"I do encourage children to watch but it's not babysitting TV ... if that happens they'll be in shock. During the commercial breaks, it's worth having a conversation."

And this ep absolutely was creating conversation -- Sampson not only meeting with cannibals but also men who went through seriously intense feats of endurance like ... wrapping their penises around a sword.

Todd Sampson's Body Hack airs 8.45 Thursdays on TEN and tenplay.