Magda Szubanski Officiating Neighbours' Historic Same-Sex Wedding

Aaron and David will have a very special guest star at their wedding.

Ramsay Street has gone rainbow as the set of Neighbours shoots the series' first same-sex wedding, a historic moment made all the more exciting with a very special guest.

Magda Szubanski has been named as the officiate of the wedding this morning, revealed in a cross on Studio 10 where she finally announced the big news.

"This is a historic moment. It's the first [TV] same-sex marriage and I'm the celebrant and I'm so excited."

Speaking to ten daily, Magda said she jumped at the offer when Neighbours approached her for the guest role.

"I thought it was just one of the best offers I've had for a long time", she said laughing. "I thought it was both hilarious and historic so when they asked me I just jumped at it. I think it's gold."

The engagement of Aaron and David was reported earlier this month with actors Matt Wilson and Takaya Honda both talking about the importance of honest portrayals of the relationship.

Magda added the importance of the historic wedding saying, "I really think popular culture shows like this can change consciousnesses".

"They can change people's attitudes so this reflects some of the changes already happened and will hopefully normalise further that we're people just like everybody else."

Magda was a huge proponent of marriage equality, one of the most outspoken and public faces at the front of the same-sex marriage campaign last year. It only seems fitting that she be at the front and centre of the historic TV wedding.

Neighbours Same-sex marriage magda szubanski
Aaron and David's proposal aired earlier this month, with both boys proposing to each other simultaneously in an adorably surprising turn of events.

Speaking to Natalie Hunter on Studio 10 on Wednesday Takaya said the wedding was something, "Both Matty and I have been working really hard towards over the last two years to produce this really truthful, honest relationship that the audience will barrack for".

Meanwhile, Matt joked he had heard fans wanting Aaron and David's wedding "to be bigger than Scott and Charlene's" but we'll have to wait to see if they can do it.

Still, Magda did tease a few surprises saying, "If you thought Harry and Meghan was big, wait till you see what the preacher's going to do at this wedding".

Neighbours airs 6.30 Weeknights on ELEVEN And WIN Network.

Featured image: Getty images / Network Ten.