MasterChef's Michelle Couldn't Keep Up With Gordon Ramsay But She Still Loves The Fast Lane

"Hell would freeze over before I was going to give up."

Scrolling through Michelle Walsh's social media is like a minefield for anyone who suffers second-hand fear. Just weeks ago she posted a video where she's jumping off the tallest building in Las Vegas. She couldn't look happier.

"My personality is just... you know how most people have a fear switch that tells them not to do something?" Michelle asked ten daily. "Mine seems to be on the fritz."

The adrenaline junkie loves anything that pushes her limits telling us, "I've jumped out of planes, off cliffs, dived with sharks. I love all of it".

This love of adrenaline was a huge advantage to Michelle during her time in the MasterChef kitchen, especially when it came to her final showdown with Gordon Ramsay.

In an impossibly rough challenge where the contestants had to keep up with Gordon as he cooked raviolo of marron with Shellfish Bisque served with a spinach and lemon vinaigrette. The challenge would finish just ten seconds after Gordon had finished cooking, meaning the contestants had to follow along as closely as possible.

Michelle Walsh MasterChef Elimination
The heat was on during the pressure test, but Michelle never lost hope.

"Going into it I was really calm, I went in thinking 'I'm not going home, I'm going to be fine'. Then the nerves got the better of me. That was my undoing."

From the first few minutes Michelle's nerves got the better of her, and after cutting her hand and bleeding into her pasta dough she was forced to start again -- putting her far behind Gordon and the other contestants.

"Hell would freeze over before I was going to give up."

As stressful as the cook was, Michelle said she'd not take it back for anything. Having the opportunity to not only cook for Gordon, but to be put in that kind of intense, pressure test was like candy for an adrenaline junkie.

There were also the chances to cook for celebrities like Nigella Lawson and Maggie Beer.

"It's a sick person that doesn't love Maggie Beer," Michelle said laughing. "I remember thinking 'Even if I go home today... I still got to cook for Maggie!'"

A big drive for Michelle to apply for the tenth season were her two daughters.

"I think leading by example has always been important, and I've always instilled in my kids to put your mind to anything. I was just worried I'd embarrass them, but they were so supportive."

Not only were her daughters a source on inspiration, but practice. Michelle would use family meals as practice for plating up food.

"I like my food to look fancy, even just meat and three veg, my family would laugh but I'd plate it up in the most spectacular fashion.".

Not long after she began experimenting with her plating she realised it was a brilliant way to get her kids out of their culinary comfort zones. If they were ever fussy Michelle admitted to simply plate dinners in an interesting way or bake something healthy to look like a cupcake, for example.

Michelle is now working on a cookbook ("It's called Fast and Fancy because I like food that's fast but fancy.") which will also cover "life hacks" for entertaining.

She also surprised herself by working in partnership with Totò in Sydney, "We've just kicked Michelle e’ Totò off, I design the menu and am back in the kitchen for a once-a-month lunch".

"I didn't go into MasterChef saying I want to own a restaurant, I'm a writer, I wanted to get into cookbooks but I got such a kick out of the group challenges -- particularly when we were at the MCG. I got such a buzz, I think it gets back to the adrenaline."

"You're on such a high having to pump out this food, everything has to be absolutely perfect. I just love being able to design a beautiful menu that's my kind of food and share it with the world."

MasterChef Australia airs Sunday to Thursday on TEN and tenplay.