MasterChef's Gary Mehigan Tells Us What It's Like Having Gordon Ramsay In The Kitchen

"Having Gordon Ramsay on the show was... interesting..."

As MasterChef continues in its tenth season, the show is still managing to astonish and amaze both audiences AND contestants alike. This year promised a season of surprises and so far they haven't let us down.

Hot on the heels of a full week with actual domestic goddess Nigella Lawson the MasterChef kitchen got a whole lot louder as they welcomed Gordon mother-flippin' Ramsay.

For the very first time on MasterChef Australia the team had Gordon to put the contestants through their paces, and face some of the most difficult challenges yet.

We caught up with Gary Mehigan to chat all things MasterChef including what it's like to have such massive culinary celebs join the fray.

"To get Heston [Blumenthal] or to get Nigella or Gordon Ramsay for example... that is not an easy task," Gary told ten daily.

But the good thing about being MasterChef Australia is when we ask them... they say yes."

"Having Gordon Ramsay on the show was... interesting," he told us.

The celebrity chef, famous for his fiery temperament and tendency to throw one or two (or 20) swear words into a sentence, is a workaholic. If he's not working on TV he's at one of his restaurants, working on books and other projects.

"Put it this way," Gary said. "George is a multi-restaurateur, he's got a business empire and he's always on the phone, always distracted ... Gordon is on another level."

This man is running one of the best restaurants in the world, and a restaurant empire that is the envy of many, plus he's in TV and entertainment and as successful doing that as he is being a chef. And they are two totally different things."

As for what's next, don't worry, Gary told us they're already thinking about who'll be showing up next year. 

MasterChef Australia airs Sunday to Thursday on TEN and tenplay.