Angela Bishop Reunited With The Royal Wedding Live Cross Crashers

Thrills, spills and probably a cocktail or twelve, the boozy wedding crashers are ready to take on the world.

They're baaack with a vengeance, and we can't get enough.

When we first met Hannah and Gabby they were crashing Ange's live cross from Windsor Castle just after midnight where they were blasting Donna Summer and celebrating the Royal Wedding in their own particular way.

Instantly bonding with Angela Bishop as she attempted to do her live cross to the Studio 10 team in Sydney, the British duo were absolutely unstoppable. And on Wednesday's show the trio were reunited once again -- this time in a somewhat more sober state.

Hannah Perntha and UK comedian Gabby Killick couldn't have been more pleased to see Ange once again, at least she was safely on the other side of the world back at the Studio 10 desk.

It appeared the two women had decided to crash the castle because Prince Harry stopped returning Gabby's phone calls.

"You know what, Angela," Gabby said, "A girl needs closure".

Apparently after an entire day of drinking in her garden, the bold pair decided it would be a good idea to show up and see if the Queen could sort things out for them. Unfortunately they weren't greeted by the Queen but rather a few cops.

And how did it go with the cops?

"They just wanted to compliment our dance moves," Hannah revealed, "and they said 'Would you swipe right on Tinder?'".

"Got the digits didn't I? We're in business. Met him at the kebab shop," she joked.

Wearing their best sparkly shirts in honour of Angela, the pair were keen to get the gang back together and go on the road as a touring trio with Ange, now dubbed "The Fallen Angels" after Hannah's iconic dance move of... er, falling off a wall.

We can't wait.