MasterChef's Meat Bae Tim Is Ready To Smoke The Nation

We caught up with MasterChef's BBQ king.

There are a few of this year's MasterChef audition dishes we just can't forget and one of them is Tim Talam's roasted rib eye. Serving the judges a Fred Flintstone-sized slab of meat, the 28-year-old was heralded as the competition's "meat bae".

"It has been brought to my attention," Tim laughed to ten daily, "a few times actually".

The nickname originates from a meme of "salt bae" - - theTurkish chef who rose to internet stardom after videos of his steak handling and seasoning went viral.

Tim became a quick favourite after that initial dish, despite having to cook again for a second-chance apron.

"Getting the apron was really motivating for me," he said. "It was that moment we had all really hoped for, and because it came in such a dramatic fashion... that was really special".

His love for barbeque was one of his signatures, and was a real passion for him throughout the competition.

I had a defining moment when I went to Austin and tasted barbecue."

Lining up for Franklin BBQ in Austin, Texas, Tim began to realise how it doesn't just have to be a few snags on the barbie.

"Barbecue has always been something special to me -- for a lot of people barbecue is just copying what’s done in Austin or the Carolinas, but I don’t  just want to do that. That’s not the kind of style, that’s not who I am."

Describing the trip as an "epiphany" Tim talked about his plans to start up a business where he hopes to bring something new to the table.

"My goal is to start up something devised around a smoker. Smoked meats... smoked desserts... it's something I really want to play with."

Tim's journey on MasterChef  came to an end with an ill-fated Bombe Alaska that blew up in his face.

Tim Talam Meat Bae Masterchef eliminated
Tim's Bombe Alaska didn't set in time and unfortunately that meant his journey in the MasterChef kitchen came to an end.

"Before the pressure test Nigella sent us off saying 'Sweet dreams' and I was like... oh dear. Obviously I wasn't the greatest in desserts on the show. I tried to maintain a cool, calm attitude but I just wasn't able to make it work."

Having worked in a few restaurants since his time in the MasterChef kitchen Tim's now working on setting up a pop-up in his local area, working on his flavours and moving toward his goal of owning something more permanent.

When we asked who he thought could make it all the way this year he gushed about a number of the contestants he met.

The biggest surprise was how we all bonded. As short as it was, meeting people who have that common interest. They're lifelong friendships that I'll treasure."

Still, when we pushed to find out who he thought had the chops he suggested Brendan might be the one to watch.

"I really want Brendan to win. I really respect his attitude towards cooking, it's not often you find someone so passionate and so disciplined. It's really inspiring."

Brendan had a pretty rough week in the kitchen, badly cutting his hand during the team challenge on Wednesday night.

MasterChef Australia airs Sunday to Thursday on TEN and tenplay.