MasterChef Has A Top 24 After A Week Of Surprises And Fridges

It's already been an emotional ride and we're only a week in!

MasterChef is back! And we couldn’t be happier for this is one terrific opportunity to judge other people's cooking while sitting on the couch eating grated cheese straight from the bag.

This time round the series is all about surprises. Take this one for example ... as the new group of contestants filed into the courtyard of the iconic MasterChef kitchen they were told that the previous winners would be supervising their work.

Yes. They would be cooking for people who had not only gone through the MasterChef process, but WON! The pressure must have been intense. That’s like trying to perform a monologue in front of Meryl Streep.

When Kristen won her apron we couldn't help but tear up, and when she plated up that chocolate, whiskey and honeycomb dish we couldn't stop drooling. We need a bib.

There were some stand-outs. One of the best moments of the episode had to be Kristen’s audition where she spoke about never feeling confident enough to audition before now. It was a moment that reflected MasterChef’s devotion to not only discovering real talent, but nurturing in a supportive environment too. Also her whiskey, chocolate, honeycomb fantasia looked so good we had to run out and buy a Toblerone.

While the standard of dishes was incredible, there were nine contestants who were still keen to get into the top 24, but only six aprons remaining.

The nine were given a second chance, coming back into the kitchen for their final shot at getting an apron. The second chancers were asked to create a dish featuring one of five ingredients: coconuts, chilies, bacon, oranges or peanuts.

MasterChef Weekly Wrap 1


The first cook was going to be judged blind, so Matt, Gary and George wouldn’t know who cooked what dish and who was a dummy and picked PEANUTS when BACON WAS RIGHT THERE. It was also the first time Shannon Bennett was going to be mentoring in the kitchen.

There were some incredible second-chance dishes, and the judges didn’t have a tough time handing out aprons. Five aprons had already been given out just one remaining. Except there were two contestants angling for it. Yep, Bonnie and Michelle - and one apron.

Michelle’s dish lacked the punch of any of the five key ingredients, while Bonnie’s dish wasn’t up-to-scratch. So, to settle the score, the pair would be facing the kitchen once again.

MasterChef Weekly Wrap 1 Shannon Bennett
This is the face of a man who doesn't want to ever hear you're making something for the first time in the MasterChef kitchen.

After running a marathon, Michelle and Bonnie were being asked to smash out another apron-worthy dish. We were exhausted just WATCHING, so we can’t imagine how tired the pair were. Unfortunately for Bonnie, Michelle’s chocolate molten cake was just too damn delicious scoring her the final apron of the season.

The newly minted 24 were then given the opportunity to create a dish that would be something they’d cook for the judges if they were coming over for a casual dinner. This is probably the easiest challenge in MasterChef history because we’d just serve some BBQ Shapes and half a bottle of red wine. Dinner is served boys!!!

The first time all 24 were in the kitchen was the best kind of chaos. People were running, grabbing lobsters, dropping pots. Gina’s take of a traditional Italian orange cake got the judges completely humming, as did Loki’s ode to his wife’s favourite dish and Aldo and Chloe’s dishes.

MasterChef Weekly Wrap

Unfortunately, Brett, Jess and Genene’s dishes just weren’t up to scratch and they were the three facing the first elimination challenge. That challenge was a shocker considering the judges had each of the contestants’ ACTUAL FRIDGES flown out. They needed to create dishes using the ingredients in their fridge. Who even has food in their fridge? We’ve got a block of chocolate, 3 half-full bottles of soda water and a bag of spinach that’s older than wi-fi. Brett had a whole fish in his fridge. A WHOLE FISH.

Okay so while we were lamenting our empty fridges the bottom three received letters from home boxed up with the contents of their pantries.

Brett struggled to get the ball rolling in deciding what to cook, the first 15 minutes slipped through his fingers as the other two charged forward. Finally, he decided on some crispy skin salmon – after all he had AN ENTIRE FISH IN HIS FRIDGE.

While Brett cracked on with his crispy skin salmon, Genene was wrapped (get it) with her choice to make dumplings, despite having a bit of an awkward moment where she confused dumplings for a pan full of fire.

MasterChef Weekly Wrap 1
"For today's elimination challenge I have made a bowl of fire. Please, eat it before it gets cold."

Meanwhile Jess was playing to her strengths making a white chocolate mousse coated in a bright red mirror glaze. After her incredibly messy day in the kitchen earlier, Jess absolutely turned it around to juggle all the elements of her dish with a pristine workbench.

As Brett plated up his dish he referred to his concept as, “A beautiful crispy-skinned comet” which is quite honestly the best description of a dish we’ve ever heard.

Sadly, his beautiful crispy-skinned comet just didn’t soar high enough, and Brett was the first MasterChef hopeful to be eliminated this year.

MasterChef Australia airs Sunday to Thursday on TEN and tenplay.