'This Is The Perfect Way For Us To Reunite': Bernard Fanning Explained How The Powderfinger Reunion Is Going Down

It might have taken a global pandemic but one of Australia's most iconic rock bands is reuniting for the first time in nearly ten years.

The entire Powderfinger lineup is getting together for an exclusive YouTube gig called One Night Lonely and it's all for a great cause.

Lead singer Bernard Fanning beamed into The Project on Thursday night to explain how the gig is going down, at a time when everyone is practicing social distancing.

"We're very excited, actually," Bernard said.

"Everyone is very happy to be involved and, it took a bit of organising to get it together, but we've been kind of regularly meeting anyhow for about the last couple of months on Zoom while the whole COVID crisis was happening and it kind of evolved from those conversations," he told The Project. 

Relive your fave Powderfinger songs on May 23. Image: Network 10.

Fans will be able to enjoy a set list of Powderfinger hits ("My Happiness", "On My Mind", "These Days" -- hopefully!) and the money raised from the gig will go towards helping musos who have lost their income as a result of coronavirus.

"So Support Act, which is a music industry organisation that helps people from within the industry -- both musicians and crew, production crew, and what not -- who fall on hard times through illness or whatever," Bernard told The Project. 

"They weren't really prepared for any kind of onslaught like COVID-19 but they are doing a mighty job in dealing with it in the meantime."

The gig will also be raising money for mental health charity, Beyond Blue.

Powderfinger will be performing One Night Lonely live via YouTube on Saturday, May 23 from each of their five separate homes.

"So we've been kind of talking about how this is actually the perfect way for us to [play] in five separate silos, you know?!" Bernard said.

"When someone says something you don't like you can say, "Oh you are dropping out, mate!" he joked.

It's a gig that's certainly going to bring plenty of us some happiness during these days -- you can find the link for the gig, that kicks off at 7 pm on May 23 over here.

Main Image: Network 10.