'If You're Missing Sport, This Is The Musical Olympics': Myf Warhurst Is Bringing Us A Night In With Eurovision

The Eurovision Song Contest might have been cancelled for the first time in its 64-year history -- but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the bonkers musical competition anyway.

Australia's Eurovision hosts Myf Warhust and Joel Creasey would probably already be soaking up the sights of Rotterdam in the Netherlands if COVID-19 hadn't forced organisers to postpone the event until 2021.

Speaking to 10 daily via phone, Myf noted that while she knew the cancellation was completely necessary, it was "awful" to hear that Eurovision wouldn't be going ahead this year.

"It was just really sad, I love that time of year -- going overseas and working with Joel and everything is so crazy and bonkers, it's just so much fun.

"But yeah, it was like, ‘Christmas is cancelled, it’s not fair!’"

The cancellation was also a blow to this year's local representative Montaigne, who won the lion's share of votes from Australia Decides with her performance of her original pop banger, "Don't Break Me".

"Obviously I was sad for Montaigne too because she put so much work in as well," Myf told 10 daily.

Luckily, Montaigne has been guaranteed that she'll be Australia's pick for 2021, even if the Eurovision rules stipulate that all entrants will have to write a whole new original song.

"I think having a year to think about it and write a new song -- she’s got such great pop sensibility and she knows how to craft a great song, I think she can do it," said Myf.



Montaigne To Rep Australia At Eurovision 2021 With One Big Change

After the unprecedented cancellation of Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam, some good news has emerged.

In the meantime, we can still soak up the magic of Montaigne, who will be performing live this Saturday as part of the Eurovision Big Night In on SBS, hosted by Myf and Joel.

As well as a live performance of "Don't Break Me", all the acts from this year's Eurovision lineup will be played, according to a recent vote by Australian viewers.

"Montaigne’s song, obviously can’t be voted for because Australia can’t vote for Australia," Myf explained.

"It’s going to be interesting because I think Australia votes a little differently from everybody else. There’s a lot of voting for, obviously countries that people are linked to through their families and where they might have come from, which is why Eurovision is so special in Australia.

"We also vote for really cracking pop songs, too it seems, we’re not… quite often the big ballads get Europe but we love the pop songs," said Myf.

It's a genre that Myf is drawn to as well, with the music aficionado rattling off a few of her favourite 2020 Eurovision acts.

"I tell you who I love, she’s got the big hat energy --  Latvia! She’s like Latvia’s Lady Gaga, she’s got a massive hat," Myf laughed, describing Samanta Tina who does definitely have some BHE going on.

Myf is also taken by the very quirky Icelandic band Daði og Gagnamagnið, a group whose name translates as "data plan" that consists of a wife, her husband, his sisters and some of their friends.

"And the aunty is also is in the band, and the song is actually about a baby!" Myf explained of their Eurovision song, "Think About Things" which features the classic pop refrain.

"You normally hear ‘baby’ as girlfriend, this one is actually about a baby," she laughed.

Even though we'll get to see the majority of these acts on stage in Rotterdam next year, this weekend is a unique opportunity to hear the songs that are absolute hits but that exist in a weird realm of ineligibility now.

Ironically, social distancing and self-isolation means that more of us will be sitting at home on Saturday night, very much in the mood for a party, and a mini European getaway.

Myf has recommended making a night of it, complete with all the festive trimmings.

"International foods of the world, everyone bring a plate of something, costumes, obviously drinking games if you partake in those kinds of things, I cannot condone!" she said.

And if you're on the fence about the iconic event and don't see what all the fuss is about, this strange 2020 version of Eurovision just might convert you.

"Look, if you’re missing sport, this is the musical Olympics," said Myf to anyone considering dipping their toe into the Eurovision waters.

"For people that don’t understand the magic and the extra-ness of Eurovision, hopefully they’ll tune in and just go, ‘Oh hang on a minute, I get it now!’"

You can tune into the Eurovision 2020: Big Night In with Myf, Joel and Montaigne this Saturday at 7.30 pm on SBS. 

Main Image: Getty/Instagram.